Young American Actress

Mike Crossley

young american actress

The words come out of my mouth three seconds early. My lips form the words but it’s too late. He’s already falling off the cliff. Everything is out of sync. The water and the rocks. The blood and the stunt coordinator motioning    go over there, closer.  Don Cheadle offers me a graham cracker. I prefer the dirtiness of the lunch truck. I found a hair in my burrito t h i s l o n g and bowtied it around my ring finger. I am married to the game.

young american actress

I woke up in a new Bugatti, hashtag Reaganomics. I remember tinted windows twerk that twerk that & smoke mirrors. Gurl, woke up w/ hair in my mouth, droolin. Like really drooling. Look, the rims on this Bugatti is a crime. But that doesn’t excuse how I’m parked. I woke up drowning for what good it did me. YEAH I BE ABT THAT LIFE.

young american actress

Bokeem Woodbine’s Neiman Marcus socks.
Dense starlight off the surface of the Rubicon.
Not the river the Jeep. Inside the Actor’s Studio
is another studio filled w/ our communal rage.
Wintertime in New York is 100º in Los Angeles
which means the HBO looks beautiful this year.
One way to say 12AM hook up is Jon Voight.
We’re in a hotel, I think Malibu, on orgasm #2.
Poetic justice: To love a fulfilled nothingness.
To feel safe in the arms of a movie review…
My agent said the acting well dries @ 37-38
but the best roles develop around 50 or so.
I’ll just write & direct myself into an Oscar.
Picture The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.
A female Alec Leamas to a contrary Nan Perry.
Something like that. Emmy award winning––
Bokeem Woodbine’s Neiman Marcus socks.
Dense starlight off the surface of the Rubicon.
Not the Jeep, the river. Not Italy, Belgium.

Mike Crossley lives in Los Angeles where he works in the IT department of a large film company. Personal email:

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