The Kitchen God as Physician to Memory Loss

James Grinwis

The food was a championship golf maneuver, or an ace from half court at the buzzer, and held me in its thrall. Maybe something like a realm, where all the villages are phantoms transitioning into an angelic kind of light. An aura? Maybe, who knows. I was talking to Bill, who lives a few towns down, but always opens his shutters to me when I am trolling his yard for fresh bluebell varietals. Bill is a good man, and when we meet at those company parties, we find a few minutes to get away from reality and sew some bright, blue lights in the dimming circuits of our brains.

James Grinwis's second book, Exhibit of Forking Paths, was selected for the National Poetry Series and published by Coffee House in 2011. He co-edits Bateau Press with Ashley Schaffer.

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