by Eric Helms

A bright splash of toilet water from the top hat of late Mr. Bloom. He had failed to yield at a stop sign, kept tapping his cane across Broadway, was run over by one of those broom- sweeping vehicles....


by Erik P. Kraft

1/7/11 Had a few cocktails Also on the internet Seemed like a good move   1/13/11 Cooking wife meatballs Vegetarian remorse I did not give in   1/22/11 Note on the windshield “I would like...

King Bro

by Tim Waldron

Lily frowned and rolled her bottom lip after opening my suitcase.  She pulled a pair of bunched up cargo pants out and shook them; as if the wrinkles would fly off, like dust from an old dirty rug. ...

The Anatomical Venus Wrestles with Pinocchio Syndrome

by Emma Sovich

The tourists shuffle infinitely past and the Anatomical Venus thinks about masks. When she mentions them to David, he scoffs: “The mask is a symbol overused.” His scorn, she thinks, comes ...

The Little Rogue

by Maria Kuznetsova

Rufina sighed at her reflection in the mirror and tried again. She said, “I’m going back to America tomorrow. I’m sorry.” No, this wouldn’t do, she decided. This wouldn’t do at all...

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Pestilence Cover


Jason Jordan


Pretty Tilt Cover

Pretty Tilt

Carrie Murphy


Unknown Arts Cover

Unknown Arts

William Walsh