Mother Tongue

by Meghan E. Smith

When I named my daughter Pangaea, I imagined moons, loaves, things whole. I believed tsunamis, earthquakes, magma would rock her faults to sleep, but she asked: “Why no life insurance, why no house on stilts, why ...


from The Depression

by Mathias Svalina

A boy found an accordion in his grandmother’s attic. Each time he pulled the accordion apart it yelped & spit out disjointed syllables. The boy could tell it was a language, but he did not recognize the langua...

We are very important people on a plane, photo by Aaron Freed

We Are (Very) Important People on the Plane

by Steven Karl

We are important people on the plane. This is my pen hovering above the paper that is next to the peanuts. When the pen touches paper the imaginary music swells. The achey stuff of violins, cellos & pedal-laden ...


Jewel Erasure Poems

by Dillon J. Welch


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Pestilence Cover


Jason Jordan


Pretty Tilt Cover

Pretty Tilt

Carrie Murphy


Unknown Arts Cover

Unknown Arts

William Walsh