Texts from Ark Codex folio 0:1

Ark Codex

0:1:18 This 1 signals (metaphorically) the arrival of spring—the way the glacial grid calves is no different than, say, piano keys rupturing in 2-D. Coiled strings explode, then implode, recombining to inject dandelion seeds into mitochondrial Eve’s purse (as expressed with an ink jet printer). On paper there is little difference between fiction & extinction—both desperate consequences of cause & effect. H.E. put his finger on it & a helical coil embedded into our fingerprints all the way to the bone.

0:1:19: Simulating the autoerotic protocol in the Herder’s Almanac (of which this is derived), H.E. folds the Tiger® brand jeans inside-out then autoclaves to sterilize. To shelter the jeans from borealis fallout, H.E. clotheslines them under the ghost ark belly-eaves & rubs 2 branches together to start a fire. This raw fabric is our only pair, so once extracted H.E. is left naked watching our collective shell hanging from the catgut catenary. «Temporarily» you say «repurpose some fur», but it’s not a cause H.E. believes in.

0:1:20: The diorama volume (expressed in X-ray stacks) is measured on the VU meter—in this particular cross-section father mast lists sideways while charged ejaculates streak the otherwise black ceiling. Donkey tends to our lifejacket needs, braying—«put this on sideways». An arc of blue electricity shoots from the cathode ray tube & before it even fizzes out the curator wonders how to harness this light as ‘entertainment’. We must capture the luminous image 1st without killing it’s eS.Sence.

0:1:21: A tactile facial is easier said than done under such icicling circumstances. The circumscribing dome (a dire snow globe) umbrellates the tethered mast in 1 place. Contrary to circumstantial evidence, lightning travels ground up. For a spontaneous instant H.E. (Homo Erectus) envisions a flash of finished ark—or at least H.E. realizes it’s akin to petting material lies (collected pelts). Once the flood sets in there’s no distinguishing between continental & genetic drift. Until time-lapsed, then—the current is relative.

ARK CODEX ±0 is an authorless book object of art and text inked on pre-existing book pages and reformulated to induce an abstract retelling of Noah's fabled tale.

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