“These poems are hilarious, joyful, dirty, deeply felt, fucked, totally inappropriate, gorgeous.”

—Kate Zambreno

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I’m a Television Version of a Person with a Broken Heart

by J. Bradley

I choose shirts, sweaters with vertical lines. I hear such patterns shape sadness like an adz. There are words I use in Scrabble but never in real life. The only wood I shape is my own....


Young American Actress

by Mike Crossley

young american actress The words come out of my mouth three seconds early. My lips form the words but it’s too late. He’s already falling off the cliff. Everything is out of sync. The wate...


Grade School Reunion

by Richard Schiffman

That they had come back from the dead was, of course, encouraging. Everyone remarked on how handsomely I had survived their own demise. Like the mothers of the disappeared, we cradled portraits of our...



by Tatiana Ryckman

My limbs are too short even for me. They don’t fit their sleeves and pant legs. So I’ve got cuffs around my wrists and ankles, they ebb and flow like pockets, like handbags, like trick-or-treat ba...


Drive-through safari park,
Andrew’s rocks/Cub Scouts

by David McAleavey

  Drive-through safari park On the plains near Dallas we saw ostriches huddled beside an embankment; giraffe eating the undersides of trees; lions nestled into shade. A crocodile. From the one ho...


The Kitchen God as Physician to Memory Loss

by James Grinwis

The food was a championship golf maneuver, or an ace from half court at the buzzer, and held me in its thrall. Maybe something like a realm, where all the villages are phantoms transitioning into an a...


Mishnah Kiddushah

by Shira Richman

A mother’s half makes whole. A father’s half makes nothing, but without him we’re string less kites. Mothers, the seams, hold us together, make us whole. A string can be pulled from a hem, unrav...


California Love Poem

by Armine Iknadossian

The sun has an orgasm across the valley as Pasadena opens up in front of me, the Suicide Bridge pushing an arm out of green sleeves, orange blossoms keening after a mid-spring heatwave, the Rose Bowl ...


Southern Chic

by Dorothy Chan

The fashion blogger from Texas holds up her Persian cat, giving it a front row view of the once living, now stuffed raccoon in the living room. And Mr. Journalist just snaps photos of this belle fashi...

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