This Machine Kills Fascists

by Brandon Hobson

1 I was driving on a dark highway. Butcher was sitting in the passenger’s seat, bleeding from the hand. We were driving out of Kansas City down before going to Chicago. The other guys, J.P. and Red, they were head...


by John Thornton Williams

My wife sleeps with other men. It’s something we’ve arranged. She invites over a guy—always married—and I hide in the pantry. When the springs squeak and the bedposts rattle, I creep up the stairs and inch o...

Texts from Ark Codex folio 0:1

by Ark Codex

0:1:18 This 1 signals (metaphorically) the arrival of spring—the way the glacial grid calves is no different than, say, piano keys rupturing in 2-D. Coiled strings explode, then implode, recombining to inject dand...

Grow Up Right

by Peter D. Gorman

The vault is my office, where I sit at a computer and write messages to Tiny Helpers telling them to go to hell. Arnie and Jonathan are in the vault with me, doing the same. We work for Grow Up Right, selling fake c...

Nothing but the Dead and Dying

by Ryan W. Bradley

Sarah pulled the pregnancy test from the box. It was the fourth one that morning. Her best friend Ella had brought two more. They all said the same thing. Fuck. Tug had been calling every day for two weeks. Sarah ha...

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