Ampersand, Mass., by William Walsh

A full-length collection of short stories.

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About this book:

Ampersand, Mass. is a collection of per se stories from a per se town. These stories from the author of Without Wax and Questionstruck carefully examine the constant conflict between the willful and the reluctant.

One of the most original and intelligent writers publishing in the indie lit world today, William Walsh impresses again with this collection of odd/funny/sad/surprising stories about the citizens of Ampersand, Mass. in all their flawed and compelling humanity. Walsh’s stories are both innovative and deeply moving. A rare and brilliant combination.
— Kathy Fish, author of Tenderoni

Ampersand, Mass. is a glorious and ripe bruise. Walsh’s stories sneak, peer through curtains – there is a town here, inside of his words, and it is shaking us. Ampersand, Mass. should be ingested whole, deeply. These are characters to haunt us from within.
— J. A. Tyler, author of A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed