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31 new short stories by William Walsh


"'A tall glass of reality with a twist of bizarre, please.' That’s how I like my fiction and William Walsh serves it up over and over again with Stephen King Stephen King, a bottomless, never-ending happy hour of playful unexpectedness. Drink it up. All of it. Let someone else drive you home."
—xTx, author of Today I Am A Book (Civil Coping Mechanisms)


"Kafka’s Gregor Samsa doesn’t feel lonely and alienated, like an insect among humans. Samsa is an insect. William Walsh takes the same conceptual step, in narratives both dreamy and precise. Playful (though playfully serious) moments spark and catch alight as Walsh bends realism and twists structural forms (letters, lists, acronyms) into something bright and new. A text that examines our zany world, the world of language and of writing—and all the wonderful oddness that happens when they meet."
—Sean Lovelace, author of Fog Gorgeous Stag (Publishing Genius)


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