No The Majestic, Has to be The Majestic

by Mark Cugini

Some people say that when it got cold enough, people from Brooklyn would want to walk across the Hudson. But those same people are also probably really proud of my dad, who found a way to get this very big TV In the...

Mother Tongue

by Meghan E. Smith

When I named my daughter Pangaea, I imagined moons, loaves, things whole. I believed tsunamis, earthquakes, magma would rock her faults to sleep, but she asked: “Why no life insurance, why no house on stilts, why ...


from The Depression

by Mathias Svalina

A boy found an accordion in his grandmother’s attic. Each time he pulled the accordion apart it yelped & spit out disjointed syllables. The boy could tell it was a language, but he did not recognize the langua...


James Brubaker
Blake Kimzey
Adam Moorad
and Simon A. Smith

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“These poems are hilarious, joyful, dirty, deeply felt, fucked, totally inappropriate, gorgeous.”

—Kate Zambreno

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Ampersand, Mass. by William Walsh

Ampersand, Mass. is a collection of per se stories from a per se town. These stories from the author of Without Wax and Questionstruck carefully examine the constant conflict between the willful and the reluctant.

One of the most original and intelligent writers publishing in the indie lit world today, William Walsh impresses again with this collection of odd/funny/sad/surprising stories about the citizens of Ampersand, Mass. in all their flawed and compelling humanity. Walsh’s stories are both innovative and deeply moving. A rare and brilliant combination.
— Kathy Fish, author of Tenderoni


ampersand mass book cover


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Pestilence Cover


Jason Jordan


Pretty Tilt Cover

Pretty Tilt

Carrie Murphy


Unknown Arts Cover

Unknown Arts

William Walsh